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A parenting plan should be carefully crafted to work for both parents and their children. It should give parents the flexibility to provide for the needs of both the children and their parents now and in the future.


At the Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum, we help our clients find positive solutions to child custody issues. We can guide you through the maze of decisions that must be made to navigate custody mediation or litigation disputes in the legal system. To schedule a phone consultation with one of our La Mesa child custody attorneys, call 619-469-9477 or contact us online.


La Mesa Child Custody and Visitation Law Firm Helping Clients Reach the Optimum Result for Their Family


Child custody matters will result in a parenting plan, whether they are litigated in court or agreed to through negotiation and mediation. The quality of that parenting plan is largely dependent on the parents. A court-imposed plan is less likely to take into account what is most important to you and your children. A judge is unlikely to make parenting decisions that benefit your children as well as you can.


The parenting plans that result from an agreement between the parties, as opposed to litigation, tend to be followed more faithfully, last longer and better serve the needs of parents and children. To achieve the best results, we encourage our clients to control their own fate by reaching a negotiated settlement. We empower our clients to work together with the other parent to decide how best to raise their children and preserve the quality of their relationships.


Experienced Child Custody Lawyers Offering Guidance for Custody Disputes in San Diego County


California courts require the parties to go through mediation in custody disputes. While an attorney cannot be present with you at meditation in Family Court Services, our San Diego child custody attorneys and experts will make sure you are completely prepared for the mediation process.


We will help you understand what to say and what not to say. We will give you tips on the best ways to work with your mediator. We will also let you know when you should come to an agreement and when you should hold your ground.


If negotiation and mediation are unsuccessful, custody litigation will be necessary. We are aggressive litigators who will protect your rights in court. We will help you understand what to expect in and out of the courtroom. Throughout the process, we will be there for you to answer questions and give you the advice you need. Call 619-469-9477 or contact us online to schedule your phone consultation.






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Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum

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