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Handling Legal Issues Involving Domestic Partnerships in Hillcrest Area of San Diego


The status of same-sex marriage in California is still in flux. For now, the state uses the legal relationship of domestic partnerships to define the rights and obligations of same-sex couples. For better or for worse, the rules involving termination of a domestic partnership mirror the rules of a divorce.


At the Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum, we help clients work through the legal system to get the new beginning they need. Call 619-469-9477, or contact us online to schedule a phone consultation with an experienced La Mesa divorce attorney for domestic partnerships assistance.


San Diego Same-Sex Divorce Attorney


The divorce process can be intimidating and stressful. At a time when you are dealing with an emotional upheaval, you are forced to make difficult decisions and confront your former partner in an often adversarial setting. Our lawyers help clients find a better way.


Through negotiation, mediation, structured settlements and a positive, holistic approach, we can help you find solutions that work for all parties involved. Our emphasis on working together allows us to get excellent results, and we strive to avoid the expense and delays involved in family court litigation.


Experienced Lawyers Helping Same-Sex Couples in San Diego, La Mesa and El Cajon


With more than 14 years of experience, we have helped clients resolve a wide range of family law issues. We can help you protect your rights and the rights of your children in child custody and child supportsituations. We can help you reach a successful property settlement and determine the proper alimonypayments. Whatever your situation requires, we will help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.


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For assistance with any domestic partnership issue, call 619-469-9477, for a phone consultation or contact us online. Our lawyers are represent people in San Diego, La Mesa and El Cajon find creative solutions to meet their individual needs. 






Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum
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Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum

5464 Grossmont Center Dr Suite 300, 3rd Floor La Mesa, CA 91942 La Mesa Law Office

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