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Comprehensive Family Law Guidance in the San Diego Area

Divorce and other family law proceedings are not about assigning blame. They are about making important decisions regarding what happens to your children, your assets and moving your life forward. At the Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum, we help clients navigate the California legal system and get a new lease on life. To schedule a phone consultation with an experienced and effective San Diego County family law attorney, call 619-469-9477 or contact us online at


Empowering Clients in Family Law Disputes in San Diego, La Mesa and El Cajon

There is no reason to be frightened or confused by your legal situation. At the Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum, we make sure our clients are fully informed about their cases from beginning to end. We will explain the process, the likely timeline, what needs to be done and how we intend to do it. Our clients are always fully informed about their cases. This not only greatly reduces stress and uncertainty, but also improves the results you get.


With proper communication and counseling we will work together to create realistic expectations regarding your goals and how we can work together to achieve them. We have helped clients obtain positive results in many family law issues, including:


  • Divorce

  • Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships

  • Child custody

  • Child support

  • Spousal support (alimony)

  • Property division

  • Paternity

  • Post judgment modifications

  • Enforcement of Court Orders

  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders


San Diego Divorce Mediation Lawyer

The fastest and most economical way to resolve any family law concern is through discussion, negotiation and mediation to reach a stipulated agreement. The parties themselves are always in a better position to know what is right for their children and their futures than a judge. When the parties can work together to reach an agreement, they are more likely to follow that agreement, and avoid the expense and acrimony that litigation engenders. We have been highly successful in guiding our clients through the negotiation and mediation process.


It is true that not all problems can be resolved amicably. When court intervention is required, we use our experience and trial skills to vigorously defend our clients' rights. We are effective litigators with the knowledge and experience of San Diego area courts that you need. To schedule a phone consultation to discuss your family law concerns, call 619-469-9477 or send us an e-mail.







Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum
5464 Grossmont Center Dr.

Suite 300, 3rd Floor
La Mesa, CA 



Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum

5464 Grossmont Center Dr Suite 300, 3rd Floor

La Mesa, CA 91942 La Mesa Law Office

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