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In California, both spouses have the legal duty to become self-supporting to the highest level to which they are capable. Determining this level has important implications for properly calculating child support and spousal support.


At the Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum, we work with clients to understand the law and reach the appropriate result regarding alimony payments. To schedule a phone consultation with an experienced La Mesa alimony attorney, call 619-469-9477 or contact us by e-mail.


Understanding Spousal Support Laws in California


Unlike child support, there is no set guideline dictating whether alimony will be awarded. The court considers more than a dozen factors, including the age, health, education and earning capacity of the parties, as well as the marital standard of living and the length of the marriage. The court also looks at each party's ability to support himself or herself.


Vocational Evaluation


If necessary, the court will order a vocational evaluation to determine the earning ability of a party who is not currently earning an income. If one party has been out of the workplace for a significant period of time, his or her earning ability can be difficult to determine.


A vocational evaluation, conducted by a professional evaluator, may be necessary to determine the earning ability of a party. The vocational evaluation will take into account many factors, including age, health, education, experience and the availability of jobs. It is the right of both parties to know the earning capacity of the other party.


The prospect of going back to work after a long period of time can be intimidating. A fair evaluation should not be a burden. A vocational evaluation can empower a party to move forward with his or her life and be successful. Whether our client is the party undergoing an evaluation or the other party, our attorneys will work to ensure that the vocational evaluation is done properly.


Available Income


Another issue that can lead to complications is the difficulty in determining a spouse's income available for the purposes of paying spousal support. High earners, self-employed individuals, business owners and partners may see their income portrayed improperly. One spouse could end up with an unreasonable support obligation when an incomplete picture is presented by individual tax returns and disclosure documents, or the other spouse could end up with inadequate spousal support for the same reasons. In these situations, we work with forensic accountants to gather and present accurate data regarding income available for spousal support. We help our clients determine if an expert is necessary.



Contact Our Family Law Attorneys For Help


If you need answers about spousal support in California, our family law attorneys can help you. Schedule a phone consultation with an experienced lawyer at the Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum by calling 619-469-9477 or by contacting us online.








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