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Focusing on Positive Solutions to California Divorce Problems


At the Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum, we believe that divorce should be viewed as a chance for a new beginning. If handled properly, a divorce can allow you to start over and reinvent yourself in a positive way. The process does not have to be painful and should never be confusing.


Attorneys Offering Negotiation and Mediation to Find Creative Solutions for Filing for Divorce in La Mesa


From the very beginning of the divorce process, we encourage our clients to seek resolution through discussion, negotiation and mediation to reach stipulated agreements. This allows them to maintain control over their own fate. Important decisions about child custody, child support and dividing marital assets should be made by the people most affected. In divorce, court rules and procedures can leave you with a cookie cutter result that does not work well with the specific needs of your family.


Negotiated settlements also have the advantage of being faster and less expensive. Divorce litigation is often so costly that the parties are left dividing bills instead of assets. The legal process moves at the pace set by overburdened courtrooms. Many people dream of having their day in court, only to discover that the legal process is much more structured and much less accommodating than they believed it would be. We work hard to help our clients minimize the expense and stress of divorce litigation.


Experienced Trial Lawyers


While it is not the case that both parties must be fully committed for negotiation to work, it is true that if one party is committed to being unreasonable, litigation will likely be necessary. Our San Diego divorce attorneys are aggressive and effective advocates for our clients. If you are forced to go to court to get the results you deserve, we will give you the strong, knowledgeable representation you need.


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We search for solutions at every point of the process. Our goals are yours: to preserve your rights to the marital estate, to protect your rights as a parent and to move forward with your life in the most expedient and least expensive way possible. To schedule a phone consultation, call 619-469-9477 or email






Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum
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Suite 300, 3rd Floor
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Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum

5464 Grossmont Center Dr Suite 300, 3rd Floor

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