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Parental Rights and Paternity Disputes in Rancho Bernardo


In a paternity action, either parent can legally establish his or her rights and obligations regarding a child. Unmarried parents of a child may not have a clear understanding of their rights and obligations.


In California, the parents of a child have the absolute right to be a parent to their child. That means the right to spend time with the child and participate in his or her life. Both parents are required to provide economic support to the best of their abilities. Parental status must be established before orders can be made for child custody and child support.


At the Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum, we work to protect our clients' parental rights and exceed their expectations of a law firm. To meet with one of our skilled La Mesa paternity attorneys, please call 619-469-9477 or contact us online.


San Diego Parental Rights Attorney


Mother's and father's rights attorney. A mother's legal status as a parent does not require a legal determination. By giving birth, a mother establishes herself as the child's legal parent. If the mother is married, the law assumes that her husband is the father.


When a child is born outside of marriage, the legal status of the father is uncertain until determined by a court. In some cases, DNA testing may be necessary to establish whether a man is the child's biological and, therefore, legal father. In other cases, a father may be forced to begin a paternity action to gain access to his child.


Working With Your Family Law Lawyer in California


Paternity cases raise important questions about who will raise a child and how. For first-time parents, the issue is often complicated by a lack of parenting skills. It is vital to work with a caring and knowledgeable attorney to protect your interests. Our family law lawyers can help you reach a positive outcome by exploring your options and helping you make the right decisions. We have handled a wide range of paternity issues, from disputes involving same-sex couples, to fathers seeking visitation rights after a child was born, to mothers seeking child support.


At the Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum, we work to empower our clients to make decisions that will impact their lives for years to come. We have more than 14 years of experience helping clients take control of their lives and successfully navigate the California legal system. To discuss your legal needs with one of our skilled La Mesa paternity attorneys, call 619-469-9477 or contact us online.






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