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Division of assets can be one of the most challenging aspects of divorce. When there is a significant amount of assets, such as real estate, businesses, stocks, high-end pensions and retirement accounts, the process of determining what is equitable becomes more difficult.


Having an experienced high-asset divorce lawyer is especially important when dividing assets such as businesses, real estate, corporations, stock portfolios, stock options, retirement plans, car collections, antiques, jewelry and other valuables. This often involves establishing an accurate valuation of the assets as well as resolving what portion of the assets is part of the marital estate, and which are separate property.


At the Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum, our San Diego high net worth divorce attorneys have helped many wealthy individuals negotiate fair property settlements. Whenever possible, we try to protect our clients from costly litigation by negotiating with the other party. Our attorneys work hard to make a very difficult process as painless as possible. We offer straightforward counsel and give our clients the power to chart their course moving forward. Contact our experienced divorce attorneys for a consultation at 619-469-9477.


La Mesa Lawyers Experienced in the Division of Assets in a Complex Divorce


California courts attempt to divide property equitably. The main means of achieving this objective is to split the property in half between a divorcing couple. Premarital and prenuptial agreements do not always protect these assets.


Ultimately, a complex divorce requires creativity. When it comes to property division, the solutions found by negotiating are invariably preferable to the choices a judge would make when dividing assets. Before this can be accomplished, all community assets must be identified, characterized as community or separate property, and valued as close to the time of trial or settlement as possible. Our attorneys understand this and will advocate for your objectives accordingly.


Contact Our California High-Asset Property Division Attorneys


High-asset divorces require diligent and knowledgeable representation throughout the divorce process. From the identification of assets and debts to their classification, valuation and ultimate division, the lawyers at the Law Offices of Daniel Grunbaum are committed to helping their clients achieve a fair result. We are here to support you. If litigation is necessary, we will fight for your interests. Contact our complex property division attorneys online or by phone at 619-469-9477.






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